Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Silence from ...

... our Prime Minister (who currently also doubles up as our Finance Minister) on the Satyam fraud is finally broken. He predictably blames corporate India and its malpractices.
That is clearly an area that needs to be improved but why doesn't the Prime Minister also address the issue of Government corruption and why it is that it is still often necessary for businessmen to seek political patronage to succeed?
Also, as he nears the end of his term perhaps the Prime Minister could point to even one significant step his Government has taken towards improving ethics in India generally? Also, what about the many flaws in our judicial system? I believe this will be a real problem and an impediment to effective punishment and protection of some shareholder/stakeholder interests in the Satyam case.
Also, given the national sense of impotence and helplessness many Indians feel due to the failure of the Government to bring justice to the victims of the Bombay terror attacks, we shouldn't be surprised that surprisingly influential (and those we expected to be moderate) voices are being raised in support of radical leadership.
We should be worried - very worried!

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