Friday, March 6, 2009

How Insecure can ...

... a Government be?
I refer to the Indian Government. Below is a map, showing a bit of north western India, that was in a recent issue of The Economist:
Indian residents will be familiar with this but others will likely be astounded to know that EACH copy of EVERY issue of EVERY international magazine that has an Indian map (or a part) in it and is distributed in India is stamped with "The external boundaries of India as depicted are neither correct nor authentic". Yes, EACH map is also stamped wherever it appears if an issue has more than one such map in it.
The reason for this is that our Government would like us to believe, on the strength of that almost illegible stamp, that the corner of Kashmir that Pakistan controls is actually part of India. Perhaps the Government would like to inform us of what this ridiculous exercise actually costs and why it is so necessary.
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