Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Only in India ...

Have a look at the following article from the Times of India - I don't think further comment is necessary. Yes, we do have a national ministry of animal husbandry. Or, could the rules date back from the time of the original Trojan horse?

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Swiss couple awaits clearance for ponies at Attari checkpost

25 Mar 2009, 1248 hrs IST, PTI

ATTARI (AMRITSAR): A Swiss couple Matthias and Celina, who is on a tour around the globe to promote peace, is struck at the Indo-Pak joint checkpost here for the last two months, owing to a lack of documents for two ponies.

The couple, who crossed over from Pakistan with two ponies and a dog, claimed that they had not faced any problem in any of the countries they had visited so far and no one had told them of regulations concerning bringing in animals into India.

The duo claimed that they were kept in the dark by the Indian High Commission in Islamabad when the visas were issued.

Indian customs officials told globetrotters from Switzerland that their ponies had been detained and would be released after obtaining permissions from certain Indian departments concerned.

Customs commissioner, overall in-charge of the Attari border, Talkeshwar Singh said the couple crossed over to India along with ponies without obtaining the necessary documents.

The duo told the officials at the border in Amritsar that they were on a peace mission to spread awareness about peaceful co-existence of people and to promote a violence-free world.

Singh said as per the union ministry of animal husbandry there was a ban on bringing animals through the Attari border without the quarantine and health certificate of the animals concerned.