Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rubber soled Socks!

A large market could emerge for them given the frequency with which people are now throwing them at political and business leaders to express frustration and disappointment. Presumably these people are leaving the venues in which they so express themselves in their socks so they would appreciate the relative comfort.
Also, why not disposable shoes? Would go well with the aforementioned socks!

More seriously, we're being told that while the swine flu now threatening several countries was known about and quite quickly identified, a vaccine would take something like six months to develop. We seem to be relying on bio tech start ups to take a lead in this.
Here's my question - should the functions of Government in the more wealthy countries at least, and the WHO, not include ensuring that vaccines for diseases we already knew about are developed and manufacturing sources identified before there's a threat of a pandemic? This would likely cost only a fraction of the cost of the bank bailouts and the war in Iraq ...

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