Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bombay's New Statue

A few quick thoughts about the plans for a statue of Shivaji off Marine Drive, Bombay:
1) The estimated cost isn't that big a deal even in these times IF there is no significant overrun
2) Would be nice if we left Bombay's sea views alone though wouldn't it? Bad enough that we will have the Sea Link extending gradually over most of the Bombay coast in a few years
3) Would be nice if the driver for erecting the statue was genuinely cultural and to provide a pleasant facility for Bombay's population and visitors. Is it?
Instead of debating whether we should be spending this amount of money on a statue in recessionary times and when the state and country are staring down the barrel of a drought, perhaps we should be debating how to:
a) Save much larger amounts of money by addressing the well known "inefficiencies" in our system of Government procurement & spending
b) Increase incomes of farmers by addressing the well known issues with the agricultural supply chain in India

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