Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Looming Crisis ...

... in India isn't swine flu nor religious fundamentalism - the first will plateau over the next several weeks and likely mutate into something less benign as experience elsewhere has indicated and the second will begin to recede as I believe Indians have expressed their views generally at the ballot box.
I wish we could say the same about water! Please click on the title for an article on this. We are a country that demands quick fixes through our excitable media but there are no quick fixes on this one. I also don't hear a clamour for PPPs in this area like we do for roads, ports and power plants.
On a more cheerful note, how about this for a golf hole? Played it last week - outside Phuket, Thailand.
My fondness for golf may seem to contradict my concern for conservation & augmentation of water resources but remember that urban golf courses are generally irrigated by recycled water (or treated sewage) and courses outside cities are generally irrigated by natural water bodies and actually create storage facilities for water to help in irrigation of nearby areas etc.

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