Friday, September 25, 2009

Where is the line ....

... between illegal entrapment and preventive anti-terrorist measures. The following is an extract from an article in the NYT on the recent arrest of a terror suspect in the US:

"More often than not the earlier suspects emerged as angry young men, inflamed by the rhetoric of Osama bin Laden or his associates. Some were serious in intent. More than a few seemed to be malcontents without the organization, technical skills and financing to be much of a threat. In some cases, the subjects appeared to be influenced by informants or undercover agents who pledged to provide the weapons or even do some of the planning.
In two cases unrelated to Mr. Zazi in which charges were announced on Thursday, in fact, the subjects dealt extensively with undercover agents."

So we are saying therefore that in the cases where suspects were in contact with informants and/or undercover agents that no crime was being contemplated by them before such contact? Should we wonder why the relations of the West with the Islamic world seem to be getting no better?

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