Monday, November 30, 2009

The PR pros and ...

... Spin Doctors, not to mention lawyers, need to get their hooks out of celebrities and those of prominence.

I haven't blogged about this before but this media circus about Tiger Woods' car accident is ridiculous. It's even a headline on CNBC. I'm almost relieved that a speck of imperfection has crept into a carefully and unsustainably sculpted public image.

Golf is an incredibly popular world sport, about 10% of the population in several richer countries play, it is getting increasingly popular in emerging countries among the wealthier segment of the population the world's businesses are trying to sell to and the story the media thinks is relevant is this??

The PR pros and spin doctors are partly to blame. Political correctness has made every interview with the world's best golfers achingly dull, none more so than with Tiger Woods. Due to this and I believe to errors of management of the professional game, sponsors have even been forced to offer women spots in men's professional golf tournaments - in an effort to compete for TV viewership with things like NASCAR.

A certain amount of trash talking certainly has its place in sport and that should be encouraged. We need characters back in sport. Things don't need to get out of hand but the system we have now needs to change.

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