Tuesday, December 22, 2009

An Intriguing Exchange ...

... of Views (some might describe it that way) with the journalist who is apparently involved with the Sunday Telegraph's claimed "expose" on Dr. Pachauri's alleged business dealings.

By way of comment on the article, I requested the journalist, James Delingpole, through his personal web site, to read my last blog post on the subject. He sent me an e-mail in response which I reproduce below (italics added by me):

"You, sir, are a dismal toad! Your response to one of the most appalling financial, scientific and economic scandals of our lifetime? Sue the journalists who exposed it.
Damn your eyes man. Do you have a shred of decency, honesty or integrity in your entire body? Do you even UNDERSTAND the story at all? Read this link: then try telling me that there is nothing untoward going on http://eureferendum.blogspot.com/2009/12/its-all-lies.html
Yours in absolute disgust.
James Delingpole"

I did have a look at the link which I suggest you do as well - I don't think it merits further comment. I then sent the following reply to Delingpole:

"While I could use several of the insults you direct against me quite accurately against you, I suspect that won't be news to you. That link is your evidence?? You have nothing.
I have no interest in corresponding further with you. I am assuming you have no objection to my putting your e-mail up on my blog.
Rohan Jacob"

Enough said?

On a more cheerful note, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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