Friday, January 1, 2010

Bubble baths ...

... to consider in the next decade:

Click on the title to read an interesting article from MSNBC on whether the investment themes for next decade will be defined by bubbles again!! I was surprised for one to see that investor wealth has declined by a couple of trillion Dollars over the last decade.

Enough reason one would have thought to work at making sure that unsustainable liquidity driven bubbles don't develop. But that isn't the case is it?

The sad fact is that as investors collectively, we don't want to pass on the opportunities for extraordinary profits that bubbles bring, knowing full well that only a handful of investors will have the foresight, courage or call it what you will to liquidate at the right time. I hear no calls from anyone in Government, business, banking or the investor community for investors to behave more responsibly. We're all happy to be pointing fingers elsewhere.

That said, with fingers crossed, a happy new year and best wishes for the next decade!

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Balakrishnan said...

I like bubbles. Each time a Harshad or a Ketan came in to the market, I made money. Hope there are many more bubbles like this in the decade. Get me great exits.