Friday, February 19, 2010

In the interests of National Security??

An article from the Wall Street Journal that has not so far, I believe, got any coverage in the Indian media. Click on the title of this post to read the article (may only be available to subscribers). Basically the Indian Home Ministry has sought to disqualify a US company, one of two shortlisted for providing software and/or services related to number portability, because it has had business dealings in Pakistan. Scant information is available of course as the "National Security" card has been played.

Before we allow ourselves to be blinded by rabid patriotism I have a few questions on this:
1) Who is the other company, the presumed beneficiary - that provides this service for number portability and how might that company be "linked" to those who matter?
2) Is the US company, Telcordia Technologies, being penalised for something it has not done or not agreed to??
3) How many other international companies have done business directly and indirectly with the Indian Government and have also done business in Pakistan and/or with the Pakistani Government and affiliated entities? What have been the national security implications in those cases?

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