Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Boycott please ...

... of all Apple products in emerging markets!

I couldn't believe something I saw on TV today - on a credible channel - CNN! A guy from Hong Kong traveled to San Francisco to buy an iPad!! Reason - the iPad is sold at a 60% premium to the US price in HK!! Target customers are well-heeled mainland Chinese.

Consider the facts - the product's features aren't really that hot. It's utility is questionable, no one seems sure it can connect reliably to the Internet and if the experience of Indian users of iTunes and the iPod are any indicator, several pieces of vital content will just not be available to customers in emerging markets! Yes you read it right - Indian users cannot download music from iTunes!! When the iPhone was launched in India (and I believe in China it was similar) the premium to the prices US consumers paid was something like 200%!!

Yes, the products are trendy. But remember, paying ridiculous prices for Apple products also tells people you have more money than brains. Does it still sound like such a status symbol??

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