Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Please click on the title to read a WSJ article on Muslims in SE Asia turning increasingly towards the Middle East for inspiration. They're not alone. In India too the largest minority by religion seems increasingly distant, maybe even isolated, from the mainstream. In the West and elsewhere too treating Muslims with suspicion seems to have become unstated Government policy. How can a significant number not have become radicals as a result? There are occasional eruptions of the inevitable discontent - globally, that Governments seem content to blame on terrorist groups and certain nations.

Are we missing the point here? Aren't we pushing a large segment of the world's population into a corner? The scary thing is that the reasons and manifestations of this are quite distinct in varying parts of the world but the expression of the reaction is worryingly universal - almost. The fact is that the scale of the reactions has now reached the point where we must ask how widespread the financing network has become. It must be far wider than Governments would have us believe.

I don't think it would be overstating things to ask if this is, or will be the shape of, WW III? Sides defined by religious persuasion?

The problems the Catholic Church now faces is more evidence that organised religion is to be resisted. While religious institutions have done great work in the past, among other things in providing essential services, particularly in the developing world, their incremental benefit must be questioned. Also, politics and religion are a dangerous combination to be rejected outright!

Any solution to this lies within us. An increasingly educated, globally aware and interconnected population will determine how this pans out by its actions.

There doesn't really seem to be a choice does there?

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